Lektorat języka angielskiego

We provide English lessons since 2016. Every year there are a lot of students who want to learn and improve their language skills. Mainly we concentrate during our lessons on speaking and developing vocabulary. Groups are small and it is easier to study and practise. But there are also some individual lessons.

Czego dotyczy/jaki problem rozwiązuje?

We try to learn our students basic knowlegde about English. We do some pairworks and speaking exercises. We try to motivate students and help them fight with their weaknesses. Children have great fun on our lessons, we sing a lot, sometimes dance, create simple sentences and generally we spend wonderful time together. Tennagers can learn with us everything what it necessary to pass tests and exams. We prepare students for Matura exam and ósmoklasista exam too.

Komu dedykowane?

Lessons are for everyone: for small kids about 5 years old, children in primary schools, teenagers and also adults.

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